Adopt an Oyster Reef Gift

Naming is fun and naming an artificial Oyster reef after persons that you admire– your heroes so to speak– can provide  immense satisfaction that they will be recognized for their character. Each name will be added to a dedicated commemoration page on our website which gives the honoree’s name, the donor’s name and allows you to add a short paragraph on why they are important to you and what you admire about them.

In addition, there will be the GPS coordinates of the deployed reef and a mounted plaque on land nearest the reef with a QR code which you can scan with your phone to take you to our website which has the names of all the honorees on the reef.

Some of our “themed reefs” are scheduled for 1. Veterans (Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard), 2. Scouts 3. Rotary 4. Watermen  5. Teachers  6. Governors 7. Teachers 8. Nurses and Doctors 9. Pets  10. Alumni Clubs etc.