Honor and Tribute Giving

Two of our showcase programs, the Living Memorial Oyster Reef and the Adopt a Reef programs are  specifically designed to honor a loved one’s memory or pay tribute to the heroes in our lives and communities. Such programs contribute to the restoration of the bay as well as give us the deep satisfaction that we are creating a perpetual legacy in their honor.

Our Living Memorial Oyster Reef allows the family of the deceased to pay their last respects in a ceremony during the placement of a large Reeftek living memorial non-harvestable oyster reef in an oyster sanctuary to restock the area with juvenile oysters for many decades to come. Truly a living tribute that keeps on giving.

Our Adopt a Reef Program allows for the names of persons, groups, pets, or organizations to be assigned to a community reef which is deployed in an area most in need of restoration  such as off of the wave battered Saxis pier or the eroding waterfront at Tangier Island.  Many of the reefs are “Themed reefs” such as reefs specifically set in place as a tribute to Veterans of the various armed Forces, Scouting Groups, Alumni Clubs, Governor’s reef, Mayors’ reefs, nurses and doctors, Societies (such as Historical Societies), etc

Won’t you consider paying tribute to those people and organizations in your life that provide examples of the codes of honor and ethics that you share.