The Living Memorial Oyster Reef

There are those having such a special bond with the Chesapeake Bay, that it becomes a natural choice and their wish to make these waters their final resting place. What a perfect gesture to give back, be clear about what you want and have such an appropriate place where family members can return, a true perpetual legacy.

Consider the sense of fulfillment, playing a significant role in restoring the Chesapeake Bay, receiving a tax deduction and at the same time deploying a Living Memorial Oyster Reef to reflect your personal relationship with the Bay.  It is a gift that will continue to make a difference in perpetuity.

This program can also be supported by all organizations, companies and associations who care …

  • The cost of a LMOR is tax deductible
  • Each LMOR “Sentinel”™ is prestruck with ‘spat’ (oyster larvae) from June through September to help accelerate oyster restoration, native fish and reef habitat while improving the water quality
  • Includes transportation and deployment of the “Sentinel” ™ to its designated site
  • Custom brass plaque attached to designated layer
  • GPS coordinates, along with location coordinates identified on the Living Memorial Oyster Reef/Google Maps™
  • Framed Memorial Certificate
  • Dedication ceremony at VESF Conference Center & Retreat may be reserved for an additional cost
  • Dedication / Deployment ceremony available at additional cost

Please contact our Director, William Morgan “Billy” Benton at 803-215-6166 or