Youth Programs

  • “Re-Spect our Bay” Student’s Program is a hands-on, curiosity-driven  program focusing on “looking again” (re-spect) the connections between all living things in and around the Bay including themselves.  Together students investigate  several relevant issues impacting the Bay’s health and discuss potential biological, technological, marketplace and policy solutions to mitigate them.
  • Build, Dedicate and Launch a mini Artificial Oyster Reef- As part of the Foundation’s Education and Outreach commitment to its youngest members, the Topping Center offers a fun-filled family activity designed to convey how anyone can play an important and direct role in “fixing their Bay”. The program consists of building and deploying  a “mini-reef” which consists of  the following steps:
  1. CAST- This is the construction phase where the class mixes the concrete and pours it into the mold and adds shells to make an engineered reef for new oysters to grow and thrive.
  2. COMMEMORATE- Decorate like a time capsule, write the name of the person honored in the wet concrete and add personalized touches.
  3. CHRISTEN – Once it’s dry, we can christen it in a “naming ceremony” ie Emma’s Oysters or Sadie’s Reef or Teddy’s oyster guardian.
  4. COMMEND/COMMISSION – Here “seed” the little reef with oyster spat by wrapping it in gauze like a Hershey’s Kiss (to keep the little oysters from being washed away), and placing it in the water to “be fruitful and multiply” so that the bay can become healthy again
  5. COMMUNICATE- Now it’s your turn to tell others about how they can help the bay by showing them a video of your day (provided by the Foundation)
  6. COME BACK- We would love to see you and your family and friends again